(h.o.m.m) red sky dieline

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Working 9 to 5 is like drugging myself every morning. On the way to work I took a photo and decided to practise making shit and here we are with this.

Not particularly great or inspired, but you got to start somewhere I guess.

Life is too short to be sitting amongst a parade of soul-crushing meetings or  explaining every articulated action to a stranger in the pursuit of money. I need to get back on the horse and do shit I want to do.



(drawing) unaware of our whereabouts


Title Page, Unaware of Our Whereabouts

The cover for a radio play I made like 5 years ago with a friend.

The premise is that two humans are lost in a police-space run by intelligent and aggressive dinosaurs. The more shenanigans they get into, the more they are wanted and forced on the run. Eventually culminating in a battle between saurus and sapien.

The dildo is a robotic penis attachment after the two crash land on a planet and Sam’s (pictured) junk is burned off. It was real highbrow stuff.