opinion – ‘leo’


Bro Troop

In the last few days in regards to the film ‘The Revenant’ I have had a couple of friends reference the living brand Suave Boyish Lad© as ‘Leo’. As if in private, they are acquainted with ‘him’. In a weird way, It seems to have become the new standard of virile, male actor, often attributed to Alpha Jaw Dude© and Smug Dapper Guy©.

I am getting sick of reminding people that It is not a human being. It is a brand.

It is the clay figure that is slapped together by the labour of many hands to represent a man. It is the shell that mimics and parties and pretends to be other ‘people’. Sure, it can do ‘good’. But generosity that expects reward is not generosity. When it comes down to it, it is just fulfilling a specific role that like a clone, or robot could easily be replaced. It just happens in this universe and in this reality, the living tissue brand is Suave Boyish Lad©. Not Rugged Attitude Bro©. Even if we all want it to be.

You don’t see me calling Slave Labour Shoes ‘Nik’ or No Privacy Machine ‘Goo-go’.


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